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State Conference: Standards

Nationals: Information will be available at time of conference.

NYS 3-D Visualization Animation (Team of 2 members) NYS Action Skills Basic   NYS Advertising Design NYS American Spirit (Must Have 3) NYS Animal Careers (NYS Only) NYS Architectural Drafting NYS Audio/Radio Production (Team of 2 members) NYS Auto Vehicle Maintenance Basic (NYS Only) NYS Automated Manufacturing Technology (Team of 3 members) NYS Automotive Refinishing Technology NYS Automotive Service Technology NYS Aviation Maintenance Technology NYS Banner Contest (Team of 2 members) (NYS Only) NYS Basic Health Care Skills NYS Cabinetmaking NYS Cake Decorating (NYS Only) NYS Carpenter’s Assistant Basic (NYS Only) NYS Carpentry NYS Chapter Display (Must Have 3) NYS CNC Milling Specialist NYS Collision Repair Technology NYS Commercial Baking NYS Community Action Basic (Team of 2 members)   NYS Community Service (Team of 3 members) NYS Cosmetology Jr. (NYS Only) NYS Cosmetology Sr. NYS Crime Scene Investigation (Team of 3 members) NYS Criminal Justice NYS Culinary Arts    NYS Customer Service  NYS Dental Assisting NYS Diesel Equipment Technology NYS Digital Cinema Production (Team of 2 members) NYS Early Childhood Education    NYS Electrical Construction Wiring NYS Electronics Technology NYS Employment Application Process Basic NYS Enginnering Technology/Design (Team of 3 members) NYS Entrepreneurship (Team of 4 members) NYS Esthetics NYS Extemporaneous Speaking NYS Fashion Design (NYS Only) NYS First Aid/CPR NYS Food Prep Basic (NYS Only) NYS Health Knowledge Bowl (Team of 4 members) NYS Health Occupations Professional Portfolio NYS Heating, Ventilation, Air Condition & Refrigeration  
NYS Hydronic Heating (NYS Only) NYS Industrial Motor Control NYS Information Technology Services (Formally Computer Maintenance Tech.) NYS Internetworking NYS Job Interview NYS Job Demonstration A    NYS Job Demonstration Open NYS Masonry    NYS Medical Assisting  NYS Medical Math NYS Medical Terminology NYS Mobile Robotics (Team of 2 members)  NYS Motorcycle Service Technology   NYS Nail Care (Team of 2 members) NYS Nurse Assisting  NYS Occupational Health and Safety (Must Have 3)  NYS Opening and Closing Ceremonies (Team of 7 members)  NYS Outstanding Chapter (Must Have 3) NYS Photography   NYS Plumbing    NYS Power Equipment Technology    NYS Precision Heavy Equipment Operations (NYS Only) NYS Prepared Speech NYS Promotional Bulletin Board (Must Have 3) NYS Quiz Bowl (Team of 5 members) NYS Related Technical Math  NYS Residential Systems Installations and Maintenance NYS Restaurant Service NYS Small Engine Service Basic (NYS Only) NYS Team Works (Team of 4 members) NYS Technical Computer Applications   NYS Technical Drafting NYS Television Video Production (Team of 2 members) NYS Web Design (Team of 2 members) NYS Welding NYS Welding Fabrication (Team of 3 members)   NYS Welding Sculpture

Downloads will be available at time of conference.

Katrina, Bruce and Midge at 2017 Nationals.